DevOps Engineer

  • DevOps
  • Kochi, India

DevOps Engineer

Job description

You will join us in analysing and improving our processes and services to attain a higher level of availability, scalability, and reliability.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Create deploy and support development, testing and production environments.
  • Create deploy and support continuous integration pipelines.
  • Build new environments in accordance with business needs.
  • Build systems to automate process, look after QA and maintenance, and manage virtual servers.
  • Continuously improve visibility into our systems and applications with advanced monitoring, metrics and log analytics.
  • Troubleshoot and investigate production issues as they arise with the help of internal/external tools.
  • Identify root causes of critical problems throughout the platform, and take necessary steps to resolve them.
  • Collaborating with the Development team in order to establish deployment/release procedures.
  • Help build our product release work-flow and continuous delivery system.
  • Manage our DB architecture like replication, maintenance of shards etc.

What you'll be doing:

  • Automate and streamline processes for greater efficiency.
  • Build and deploy tools to ensure the health and reliability of the Hexnode Cloud Infrastructure.
  • Manage and Monitor our Cloud Infrastructure hosted on AWS, DO or Linode.
  • Manage our Linux platforms.
  • Administer the Web servers, Database Servers, Load Balancing Servers.
  • Production and Test System monitoring & diagnostics.
  • IT security management, implementing security measures like encryption, SSL etc.
  • Work on command line (Scripting) with Linux systems, mercurial, monitoring tools, sys admin tools and other remote administration tools.


Skills we'd like you to have:

  • Knowledge in Linux administration
  • Proven expertise of 02-06 years
  • Exposure in working with configuration management tools.
  • Exposure in working with PostgreSQL, Web servers
  • Hands-on experience¬†with AWS, Digital Ocean Cloud, Vagrant and other deployment tools.
  • Good knowledge about monitoring tools like Nagios, Graphite, Monit, or Ganglia, Application Manager, OpManager.
  • Good knowledge about at least one scripting language, preferably Python.