Product Evangelist

  • Marketing
  • Kochi, India

Product Evangelist

Job description

We are looking for passionate product evangelists who can contribute to overall success of our products.You will join a team of talented marketers who work collaboratively with developers, quality engineers, product managers, usability experts, customers and partners to make our products easier to use. It is all about authentic content, communication, and community, and it's a key part of the product marketing in an era of social transparency. You will turn to the following to spread thought-leadership:

•         Blogs
•         Social media
•         Hangouts
•         Webinars
•         White papers or technical documents
•         Presentations
•         Tradeshows 
•         Demos
•         Videos
•         Screencasts
•         Chats
•         Discussion groups
•         Meetups     
•         Emails


  • In-depth understanding of the product and the its (tech) content requirements
  • Create Content ,publish the content, socialize the content, listen to what people say, interact with the audience to better understand their reactions ,provide feedback internally as well as externally, refine the message or content
  • Produce high-quality documentation with content that meets applicable standards and is appropriate for its intended audience
  • Write easy-to-understand user interface text with content, online help and developer guides
  • Create tutorials and documents to help end-users use a variety of applications.
  • SEO research on how the online content can be published in better way.
  • Will work collaboratively on social media marketing , content marketing, brand building  and product positioning