Product Evangelist

  • Marketing
  • Kochi, India

Product Evangelist

Job description

This is not the everyday marketing job you find at IT parks across the country. At Mitsogo, you get to experience the hustle – IT, Engineering & Tech in all its raw passion.

What you do 


Conduct extensive topical and technical research to identify core industry challenges.  

You are going to be growth hackers and attending events and conferences relevant to our business. You will get to be part of everything we do to take Hexnode to the top of the league in the Enterprise Security SaaS market alongside Microsoft, IBM, VMware and Blackberry.  


A world of Opportunities

  • Technical Research 

Perform extensive technical research and gain deep knowledge. Shape mission-critical insights to help organizations make better business decisions. 

  • Market analysis & growth hacking

Research market trends, identify opportunities, create marketing plans, help define long-term growth strategies. 

  • Events & Conferences 

Build brand awareness. Attend tradeshows and conferences; Plan, organise & host online events. 

  • Connect, Engage & Build Rapport 

Engage customers through forums, videos, blogs, webinars and case studies. Instill brand loyalty.  

  • Grow Partner Networks

Work with a network of global alliances: strategic & technology partners, resellers & product integrators.