Software Engineer (Fresher)

  • Product Development
  • Kochi, India

Software Engineer (Fresher)

Job description

What you do 

You will help build the future of Enterprise software around intelligent tools that simplify the way people work. 

As Software Engineers, you are not just designers and orchestrators of business mobility & modern work, but you will be the force multipliers of the ecosystem; you will thrive off the ecosystem, enrich yourselves, and in turn make our ecosystem vibrant. 

Your gateway into End-to-end Engineering

  • Hybrid Engineering  

Deeply understand the market & competitive landscape. Translate technical customer requirements into actionable architectures and design. 

  • Problem-solving 

Formulate approaches to solve problems using algorithms and models. Use data exploration techniques to discover new opportunities within your problem area. 

  • Trailblazing  

Work with groundbreaking technologies, leverage open-source initiatives and third-party services and provide the best user experience. 

  • Improve codebase

 Analyze and optimize front end & back end code, validate approaches, pursue simplicity, efficiency, reliability & performance and iterate to continuously improve. 

  • Automation 

Develop test strategies, design automation frameworks, write unit/functional tests to drive up code coverage and automation metrics. 


  • Understanding of OOPS
  • Knowledge of Software development Lifecycle
  • Solid problem-solving skills
  • Knowledge in Python is much appreciated